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It’s been 15 years since we’re living the year of mobile. Nonetheless something’s happening

A few nuggets coming from this Criteo survey.

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1. This is US, this is Q4 2014. 33% fucking % of online transactions are performed through mobile within the fashion/luxury industry. There’re still a few sec remaining to go mobile. You’re not? Oh shoot.

mobile share criteo online transaction

2. Yeah this is Asia, yeah they’re always kicking the digitrends. But still. 1 transaction out of 2 within the retail industry is mobile. [!!!]

Of course it doesnt tell you the share of digital within all the transactions. Yet. It’s coming.

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Having an UX idea could be your gateway to success

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Seen the last Benedict Evans newsletter:

Skype’s co-founder has launched a new voice and messaging app, Wire. Well-designed with a good UX, but I suspect that’s table stakes now – is there scope to build a major new messaging product that’s neither part of an existing property nor based around a new UX idea.

An UX idea?

I’m really not a specialist of UX.

Besides being a fancier name than customer experience and nurturing the symbolic divide existing among agencies folks dying to look like experts, I nevertheless feel like UX is under a massive momentum among innovators.

In fact I think there’re only two main types of ideas.

  • Those driven by technology: light bulbs, trains, bluetooth, Kinect, hyperlapsing, Lytro…
  • Those driven by UX: Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, Wire… (in fact as Wired recently pointed:

Pioneers rarely won the race (Turns Out the Dot-Com Bust’s Worst Flops Were Actually Fantastic Ideas).

Smart followers do.

Now choose wisely how you wanna get rich.