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The Hornbach hammer is the new Diamond Shreddie

This case is perfect example of the abstract value of things (recently promoted by the Art Directors Club of Europe).

It’s all about perception and symbols. As Jean Baudrillard said: “we buy objects, we consume signs”. Here a former weapon (with a special signification within a country torn by war till 25 years ago), a limited serie, a handcrafted object, an artifact of the DIY trend.

Imagine that: a branded hammer! Brilliant.

Without mentionning its ability to drive trafic.

Really smartass.

Found on the also brilliant Next Gag Newsletter

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10 things I didn’t know last week #203

1. The Tye & Dye. Thanks Mathilde

2. In 1973, French singer Anne Sylvestre composed a song about Romanée-Conti, hoping to get one free bottle. It worked. Thanks Guillaume

3. Sushi used to be a technique to preserve fish. Rice was trashed until the 17th century.

4. Reading between words: when someone is enumerating, he’s under estimating. When he’s approximating, he’s over estimating.

5. Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones were roommates in Harvard.

6. In 1983, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video played for a week at a movie theatre so it could qualify for an Oscar nomination, but it opened for Disney’s Fantasia and terrified the children.

7. In 1945 a group of Russian school children presented a US Ambassador with a US Seal as a gesture of friendship. It hung in his office for 7 years before discovering it contained a listening device.

8. Yamaguchi Gumi is the biggest mob organization in the world.

9. Some artists between 16th and 19th centuries used a type of brown paint called Mummy Brown, which was made from ground up Egyptian mummies.

10. The song Macarena is about a girl who has a threesome with two of her boyfriend’s buddies while he is out of town.