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10 things I didn’t know last week #199

1. Futarchy is a form of government proposed by economist Robin Hanson where prediction markets are used to determine which policies will have the most positive effect.

2. Narratophilia is a sexual fetish in which the telling of dirty words to a partner is sexually arousing.

3. Mensur is a kind of fencing practiced by some student corporations (Studentenverbindungen) in Germany Thanks Anais


4. Morley is a fictional brand of cigarettes that has appeared in various television shows, films, and even video games.

5. Earth’s water is older than the solar system, the sun, and the Earth.

6. People in countries that suffered banking crises quite sensibly often prefer to save in cash.

7.  Announcers and commentators of the 1950s spoke transatlantic speech: “you literally could not hear bass tones before stereo technology”.

8. Nazi invented the Olympic Torch relay as a way to tie the Third Reich to the glory of ancient Greece.

9. Early 1800’s Firefighters would use their soaked beards to breathe through the smoke.

10. Henry Ford wrote a pamphlet called “The International Jew: The World’s Problem

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Briefing creative people is offering them a problem to solve, not to illustrate a solution

Whether or not you’re touched by this kind of talk-in-the-basement-of-a-Hilton, Luke Sullivan at the 5th minute make a valid point by telling that most of the time, creativity is about solving a problem, not a solution.

This is the kind of material your creative peeps need, not your planneresque conceptual horizontal solution.

Make them heroes.

Sorry you’re not.