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Behavioral thinking: the come back

behavior design technology innovation Matt Danna

For people who studied information and communication sciences, the behavioral phase is synonym of early development and lack of understanding. This was the 50′s, democracies weren’t as mature as they’re now and everybody believed that we could be manipulated without consent. Orson Welles and K.Dick were around, Soviet Russia too. The world was different.

It’s funny to notice how behavioral sciences came back during the past few years. Mainly through behavioral economics thanks to rock stars such as the nobelized Daniel Kahneman or Amos Tversky. Also through behavioral thinking within social interactions.

Slides 11 and 12 inspired me these thoughts.

The coexistent breeding of social/behavioral and psychological beams helps us tolerated once radical thoughts. Never say never. Pavlov would love that.

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10 things I didn’t know last week #178

1. White Coke was a variant of Coca-Cola produced in the 1940s for the Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov. He liked Coke but asked for its color to resemble vodka so that he would not be seen drinking Coca-Cola in public.

2. In 2013 in France, more bicycles were sold than cars (2.8 millions vs. 1.8 millions).

3. The Rosser Reeves Fallacyconsumers of a brand tend to like more commercials of the brand. It doesn’t mean that advertising made them turn client though.

4. Airlines worldwide collect about $10 billion from checked bag fees but spend about $31 billion to move luggage from airport to airport.

5. Totally fond of Spider-Man, Mickael Jackson tried to buy Marvel during the 90′s. He also lobbied several parts within movies.

6. Kim Dotcom won the 2001 edition of Gumball 3000, douchest car rally ever (tailing the Paris-Dakar).


7. Intersport bought out Sunn cycles last year.

8. The Idefix name was elected during a reader’s vote.

9. During Middle-Age, paper didn’t last too long because of bugs. Then bats were introduced in libraries. They’re still there in Portugal.

10. “To speak the language of tech-savvy young adults”, NASA launched a rock radio.