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Mom Mom, when I’m older could I make a living out of useless advices?


It sounds a bit ironic through a blog post but I’m amazingly fed up by these talkers trying to explain how companies should work.

Edward Boches, Seth Godin, Bud Cadell… Cavazza, Pouy or Deniaud in France. I guess every country got some.

Most of the time, these people inspire naivety. They give candid lessons, they describe stuff too objectively to be experienced, they deliver advices disconnected from the reality. I plead guilty for having referenced their thought a couple of times yeah, but it was only to bounce back.

Besides entertaining bored executives or enthusiastic students, the basic take out of 99% of their presentation are that these guys probably never works within real companies…

One example, among many many others:

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What’s your excuse for not considering TV as a starting point of your campaign?

In case you needed another clue that media don’t work separately but hand in hand, here is an enlightning chart created by Deloitte, showing that TV ads are the primary generator of website traffic:

Visiting website after seeing ad deloitte

Another survey reported within this same article also show that among 75 Internet brands analyzed, 63 exhibited a direct, positive correlation between TV spend and website traffic.

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Data privacy is unearthing advertising tricks, to the great benefit of consumers

Everything has already been said about whether or not banners are still an effective medium.

Though what should be taken out of this report is the natural transparency whose newspapers such as The Economist talk about advertising tricks.

Not only do people notice – most of the time with bad surprises – brand tactics but marketing is becoming more and more familiar knowledge.

This example is also stunning, marketing consultant as a pop culture reference.

Beyond every debate regarding advertising efficiency – the tiniest amount of ROI will always trump the non-existent cost of serving impressions – here is another brick in the ever-growing mature consumer wall.

Consumers will probably teach us lessons one day.

Wait they already do.

With new expressions, hacks, demands, innovations.

What’s the point to work anymore? Curate their ideas? Push boring ones? Match propositions with fertile grounds?