Au sujet de la créativité collective et de la malédiction du savoir

idee gens tete homme innovation ampoule genie scenius

A propos des problèmes de curse of knowledge, une courte note référente pour nous inviter à penser plus horizontalement et faire front à la spécialisation, le meilleur ennemi du 20e siècle. Merci Martin.

The imbalance between what is known to us as a community, what is common knowledge, what we take for granted with each other, and in each other, what is known by man; and on the other hand, all the rest, that is known only by small special groups, by the specialized communities, people who are interested and dedicated, who are involved in the work of increasing human knowledge and human understanding but are not able to put it into the common knowledge of man, not able to make it something of which we and our neighbors can be sure that we have been through together, not able to make of it something which, rich and beautiful, is the very basis of civilized life… We learn of learning as we learn of something remote, not concerning us, going on on a distant frontier; and things that are left to our common life are untouched, unstrengthened and unilluminated by this enormous wonder about the world which is everywhere about us, which could flood us with light, yet which is only faintly… perceived.”

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