Is repetition dead? Certainly not. Especially on social media.


From an personal point of view, we almost all feel infobesity. Lost in the forest of content, we strive to find good reads and spot the stuff we engage with.

From an empiric point of view, why do you click on something?

Do you trust the issuer? You want to please him? You blindly open with everything he shares? What difference does it makes if it’s media brand? A friend? A relative? A new comer?

Have you ever experienced repetition before opening a piece of content? How much impression does it take you to open a content? Does it get more or less on a social platform? On a media site?

When that occurs, do you feel more or less engaged with content? 

Please give me the theory naming that moment when you finally watch this stoopid Youtube video everyone is talking about: the click of shame?

Qu'en penses-tu?

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