10 things I didn’t know last week #177

1. Christian atheism: a theological position in which the belief in the God of Christianity is rejected or absent but the moral teachings of Jesus are followed.

2. Super Mario Bros had 256 hidden levels accessible by swapping your cartridge with Tennis without turning the console off.

3. Harpic = Harry Pickup.

4. Each French gambler spends an average 2000 euros per year betting.

5. Needles within Sports cars dashboard rise from the left to the right. Thanks Guillaume

6. As for Le Tour de France, UEFA Champions League was ignited by a French newspaper: L’Equipe.

7. Demolition Man was released in two different editions. The U.S. Release featured Taco Bell as the prominent Fast Food franchise of the future, the International Release featured Pizza Hut instead.

8. Some economists support a cigarette subsidy to save society money. Because they die early, smokers save society roughly 32 cents for every pack they smoke.

9.  War pigs vs. war elephants in Ancient Rome.

10. Eye contact increases brand trust?

cereal psychology

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