Are people that defiant of advertising?

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Even if most of the folks are growing ditrustful regarding brands and advertising, the smarter of us just took over the system to lure advertisers and make the most of ads.

No matter what you think, all these vloggers and bloggers and producers of content are nothing more like medias, relying most of the time on an advertising driven business model.

The story of Joseph Garrett is stunning. A 21st century version of Françoise Sagan. Fond of Minecraft, he started posting « completely by accident  » videos depicting his gameplay. His Youtube channel has almost 900M hits. He’s launching an educational channel. He’s a rockstar. He’s 23.

I don’t know what to think of this digital phenomenon now that shooting videos or images is close to free. Is it the way we’re supposed to make our coming living? Are these guys kind of black swans popping up no matter what a few time each decade? Is it the best way to hack traditionnal commercials to force advertisers consider other way to grab eyeballs?

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