Empty Pocket #9 : week 17



Kind of gem i’m crazy about. Ordinary life hacks powered by users. What a pitch. What can I learn right now or later in just 10 minutes of time-space continuum, that could or may or might possibly be useful for the rest of the remainder of my life?

Crazy story. Stoopid. Made in Compliance. When ‘Liking’ a Brand Online Voids the Right to Sue

For the pleasure of rocking the Piketty’s boat. The Most Important Book Ever Is All Wrong. Here is positive critic: Capitalism simply isn’t working and here are the reasons why

A few nice tips for people looking for raising big dought. Invest Like an Expert. My Secret Investment Strategy

For you who bravely went for anthropology during University. Your silver lining. Here’s Why Companies Are Desperate To Hire Anthropologists

Why it helps to come from a socially privileged social background? Lawrence Lessig learns there are no laws on his son’s Minecraft server

That’s a surprise. Nike fired all the dev team working for Fuelband. True fans beleive Nike is cooking up something with Apple. Wait and see. And stop running please. Nike and The Future of the Fuelband

Have you met AOL’s Shingy? I Know I Look Weird But I Like It’: Meet Shingy, AOL’s Dumped On Digital Prophet

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