Creative technologists should’nt despise media planners

Uselessness is gorgeous
How many artists question our functionalism thru uselessness? Are you willing to be part of the club?

The brand new job of creative technologist isn’t that new.

It’s basically knowing about your tools to come up with stuff never done before or brilliantly smart and savvy.

Everyone working with some kind of tools is a creative technologist: the plumber, the carpenter, the sewer, the powerpointer.

Thus, creativity is a matter of constraint. A good idea marks a sweet spot between people, context, timing, content.

Snapzheimer is a sheer case of creative technology. This is almost perfect.

What makes it imperfect is a matter of audience.

Smartphone + Snapchat + hashtag is probably the worst combination ever to get in touch with people willing to help / be informed of Alzheimer risks, aka seniors.

This very little matter makes this perfect case of creative technology a perfect case of irrelevance.

Maybe you’re into chindogu?

2 réflexions sur « Creative technologists should’nt despise media planners »

    1. Ce site me choque moins, la mécanique est plus basique, plus destionationnelle… Ca désarçonne moins les seniors de mon point de vue.


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