What a great upselling tactic for telco operator DU


I don’t know if Canadian telecom providers fall under the same prerogatives as in France but here, telcos have to pay taxes to fund the cultural industry. This is the « exception culturelle ».

This is why Orange invented Cinedays, allowing its customers to invite friends once a week to watch a movie. Which Orange actually funded. Hell yeah they felt like inviting people.

The same idea can spring from different spots.

Here the insight is pretty basic, relying on our craving for communication. The more we communicate, the more we communicate. Could have been about movies or sports or video games or opera or whatever we chat about.

This is fine upselling tactic:

See the 2 other copies here.

2 réflexions sur « What a great upselling tactic for telco operator DU »

  1. Sorry Jean, but DU isn’t a canadian operator it takes business in the UAE. And It seems that this operation is a clear copy-past, further more, local cinema industry is insignificant, US blockbusters represent the major part of movies seen in addition of few bolywood and egyptian productions.
    I guess this is more an emotional EXP « Upsale » VS competitor (Etisalat #1)


    1. Oh nice thanks for the correction. It appears that more and more often, agencies offshore their creation to compete several times in a row within the same contest…


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