Does it really pays off to provide a better customer experience?

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There’re a lot of examples of brands we love thanks to their UX both online and offline: Nespresso, Google, Uber, Apple…

There’re a lot of brands we hate because of their UX: telcos, retailers, governments, banks, insurances…

But is a good UX a true indicator of business performance?

Theres a gazillions of counter examples undermining our belief to make UX a key factor of success.

Think about Free, about Carrefour, about CanalPlus, about an awful lot of brands skyrocketting without even considering people… Sometimes this is after sales, sometimes this is stores, sometimes this is hotline or sometimes this is the website. A lot of brand don’t give a damn and still succeed. A couple of weeks ago, one of the 3 main French Telco was bought out by an outsider famously known for its nightmarish UX. Still don’t give a damn.

Is it a matter of market? Not exactly. Good and bad UX sit everywhere.

Neither segment. There’s good and bad UX (think about Audi) within premium or low-cost (think about Dacia).

Neither a problem of competition: some monopolistic areas are neglected – think about gov taxes webpages or TV channels exclusively broadcasting event such as Olympics or football games – where highly disputed areas such as banking or retail despise UX too.

It’s probably a matter a respect then. Or share of wallet. Or pleasure.

Why should we invest in good UX beside marginal tricks such as growth hacking? Does growth hacking makes you product better?


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