Do we know the brand we buy? Answer is yes, but it won’t last.

brand knowledge weigel harvard
See slide 19 below

Those who dig moguls such as Sharp, Ehrenberg or Weigel already know what it’s all about. This chart is a typical gem extracted from their research.

If 50% of all knowledge about a brand is held by 20% of its buyers, what the fuck the remaining 80% are buying? Hot air? By the way, what knowledge are we refering to?

The fact that awareness is measured thru 3 variables (top of mind, spontaneous, prompted) proves that besides being held by different customers, brand awareness isn’t linear. When you think about it, it’s logical that brand awareness serves only during purchasing phases. What’s the point of knowing the brand of your butter, kale and insurance when not looking for it?

It would be fun to evaluate brand awareness among people who bought a brand 1 hour ago, 1 month ago and 1 year ago. I bet it would give you a precise idea of your brand awareness split.

Check out this article where empirical evidences show that brand preference = market share most of the time, meaning that people prefer brand they own.

This why FMCG brands work on mental availability (see Marc Pritchard at 40′) rather than loyalty or anything else. Basically it’s a simple equation: broadcast x frequency.

Yet, what are buying the remaining 80%?

The answer is simple. Most of your clients are occasional, they don’t buy you often enough to remember you. They were when they did. Not anymore.

Then broadcast x frequency.

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