10 things I didn’t know last week #184

1. What mothers used to do to hold their kids during photo-shoots:

invisible mother2. Kraft once belonged to Philipp Morris.

3. Facing competition, Philip Morris announced a 20% price cut to their Marlboro cigarettes. It is known as the Marlboro Friday.

4. The trick behing Google’s self-driving car: it works thanks to an amazing digitalization of roads the brand won’t be able to operate until a couple of decade…

Google has mapped 2,000 miles of road. The US road network has 4 million miles of road.

5. Cards Against Humanity is an open source multi player game card.

6. Statue of Liberty and Fort Boyard are made of the same stone, from Crazannes in Charente-Maritime (France).

7. During World War 2, war prisoners in Canada were treated so nicely they wouldn’t want to leave.

8. Biggest Misconceptions About The Universe Explained:

9. Otherkins are people who believe not being totally humans.

pink floyd Gini

10. Pink Floyd for Gini, circa 70’s.

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