Big data ain’t no poetry. Big data fuck margins

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This op-ed from Fern Miller points something paradoxical for me.

We spend more energy collecting information than listening and responding to it in unusual and surprisingly human ways.

Even if data allows customization – which is the case, think about some good CRM program – it mostly isn’t used that way.

Big data identifies big patterns, thus dominant behaviours.

I firmly believe that what Fern is refering to with her Boden anecdote is that brand managing to bond with cutosmers are the one who understand that empathy lies within margins, not dominant phenomenons.

I won’t heart Target if they offer me a coupon for beer because I buy beer every Saturday. I’ll probably notice if they get that my kid birthday is coming or i usually look for solution against pollen allergy each spring. This is unsual, then remarkable.

Big data do not offer space for little stories, margins or atoms. Big data ain’t no poetry.

It’s just mass marketing.

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