Bill Bernbach on datas: « Facts Are Not Enough »


Bill Bernbach’s Speech to the 4As, « Facts Are Not Enough », back in 1980.

A great bunch of good thoughts.

First things first, his appeal to poets willing to disrespect sciences and data are everyday more fresher.

Couple of others points are a bit old-fashioned, especially how he explain to leverage human insights to create powerful and efficient communication. Attitudes do not always drive behaviours (P2), as he explains himself on this very paper when he talks about professional deformation (p8).

Contexts make us who we are and how we see the world. It’s working among scientist which made Bill Bernbach so eager to fight data. Probably no the other way around.

Rules are prisons

This scepticism regarding logic vs. poetry maybe comes from his cultural background. Christianism is a religion of the truth whereas Judaism is a religion of interrogation. What’s the thruth ? Does it even exist? A crucial – paradoxical isn’t it? – question more relevant every day.

What make BB speech almost historic is how his urge for considering emotions among a land of logical tells the end of the modern myth, where science couldn’t not save the world anymore.

Science is not enough

A good read though.

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