10 things I didn’t know last week #188

1. Silent films appears accelerated because shot in 16 images per second but screened in 24 images per sec.

2. In Folklore, Bloody Mary is a ghost telling the future.

3. The Flynn effect: average IQ is going up. If a person from 1910 was evaluated today, he’ll score 70, border of mental retardation.

4. Made with recycled paper, all cocktail umbrellas carry hidden messages.


5. Anti-ad stickers are effective. French mailboxes using it receive almost 5 times less flyers than others.

6. This is odori-don, when soja sauce activates neurons of dead squids.

7. Many English words used to be spelled phonetically until 17th scholars added silent letters to make them look more Latin or Greek, sometimes erroneously.

8. The Fogg model explains how behaviours are driven.

9. Working with dual monitors increase productivity from 20 to 30%. Thanks Chloé

10. On February, 8, 2000, the meaning of life was auctioned on eBay. Winning bid was 3$.

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