Now that you managed to charge a premium, beware of the hangover

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It was a bit of a shock to stumble upon this interesting article in HBR, usually sanctuary of jibber jabber bullshit. And yet it started as every crappy HBR cliché, surveying the kind of relationship people to commit with brands.

Some consumers might want to be treated as friends, others as colleagues. Some might want to be just fleeting or casual acquaintances.

Where this international survey makes a valid point, it’s when it calculates the correlation between the sorts of tie – there are 29 of them – people want and the brand’s ability to either build market share or charge a premium.

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Brands managing to charge premium attract one night stands whereas market share brands lure strong bonding.

Isn’t that funny to understand that despite their ability to generate more profit, premium brands struggle for life because of their incapacity of creating a frequency? It reminds of this cheesy 50 first dates starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore where he has to seduce a girl losing her memory each night.

I know it’s cruel but as for everything else, there’s not Yin or Yang, there’s only ying and yang. No single minded marketing strategy works.

Premium isn’t the golden goose, we have to focus on consumers and other issues to make things last.

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