You won’t believe these insights on Upworthy

Everything has already been said about the Upworthy model: from luring titles tested among 20 propositions, Eli Pariser one of their co-founder, the « fastest growing news site ever »…

Here’s a deck digging a couple of insights:

upworthy attention war articles quality graph bell curb


upworthy attention war articles quality graph

1. Not sure that these graphs depicting the evolution of our content consumption aren’t the sole product of the evolution of content availability shown below:

upworthy attention war articles quality volume content

Still, UW bet on content itself rather than volume to stand out.

2. Really liked this idea of a journey of opportunities for Upworthy. Each stage has its importance, KPIs, and tasks:

upworthy attention war journey actions

3. Awesomeness here again where Upworthy compares number of visitors and attention minutes. I don’t really know how they manage to make a few visitors spending a lot of their attention on their site but it’s great consideration for a category starving UV rather than engagement.

upworthy attention war articles visitors attention upworthy attention war visitors attention

4. Their best talent lies within optimization (slide 32 to 34). Each little detail count to increase clicks.

5. Last but not least and perhaps the less obvious is that Upworthy pretends to exist to fight for social values… You’re the only judge.

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