Ideas are impossible to program. Then what the fuck are you dreaming about neuroscience?

principe uncertain science

I’m trying hard but even by closing my eyes, I can’t picture how this kind of opinion can be possible.

This is Michael Fanuele, Chief Strategy Officer at Fallon, talking about future of advertising.

First minute is refreshingly radical about the emptiness of data craze compared to the everlasting need of brand ideas since they’re impossible to copy hence make advertising agency under shelter.

30 seconds later, the guy literally jerk off talking about neuroscience which is 10X more hyped than big data. For decades now. For me the exact opposite views of its previous point.

He probably see the connection between the two.

Because neuroscience can make you think that we’ll be one day able to observe how creativity affect our brains in real time. Whatever. It’s just rhetoric.

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