Ain’t no video killed the radio star: the new world is built on old ideas

value idea real kastell tim ted

Kindda like this point regarding innovation.

We have to make ideas happen not forgetting they live with old ones.

Ideas are like bricks on a huge historic wall.

Think about softwares and their neverending updates rounds. This is new ideas built upon old ones.

Now you can think that this guy is another guru yet he made a solid point with his « unlock the value » rule to innovate successfully.

Since new ideas will come on top of old ones, potential customers will always compare your new product with their current one. Does is provide something better? Is it worthwhile to replace it?

This also explains why a lot of innovation has been failing to be adopted because of their inability to tell their value. Think about Twitter during the first 2 years. Nobody told the same story. I still wonder how it works.

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