Stop confusing cause and effects to catch eyeballs, it makes you look like a dumbass

homer bart stupide cerveau blague insolence

It’s crazy how often we confuse cause and effects. Especially among these shitty content farms such as HuffPo or Slate. There’s almost one example a day.

Look at this one (coming from the respected Guardian): traveling makes you smarter, open-minded and creative. The typical situation. There’s just more travellers among rich peeps, which appears to be smarter, open-minded and creative. We won’t comment on the fact that this piece of trash is written by a well know bullshiter who happens to also be counterfeiter. Oups.

This is one is magic as well (no joke): Harry Potter readers are more tolerant. What the fuck. As for above, young blokes reading books have a greater chance to belong to privileged socio groups, which are generally speaking more tolerant. Harry Potter has no magic power.

Television won’t make you fat. Yachting won’t make you rich. Bowling won’t make you racist.

Look around bro.

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