10 things I didn’t know last week #193

1. Why Bank Holidays are called that.


2. V-Signs in Asia result from Janet Lynn, a baseball manga and a Konica commercial.

3. Eternal September is the month of 1993 where AOL began offering Usenet access to every users. Thanks Benjamin

pocket lint gnurr

4. Pocket lint is also known as gnurr.

5. Road runners are known in Grand Géocoucous.

6. One Bad Apple Really Spoil the Whole Bunch.

7. Laughing yoga. Yeah. Thanks Coralie and Alexandra

8. Bike tourists spend more money as car tourists.

9. Google Voice Local Search: a free service of telephone directory searches to collect voice samples. It was shut down once enough were collected.

10. Playboy still sells around 1.5M copies for each edition.

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