Danger of silence: a kind of great allegory of communications

hacking ville passage pieton rue talk communication

Excellent TED talk alluding to several interesting points:

  • Silence can be painful, because silence can be misinterpreted, because – sometimes – silence is fear. Thinking about Ferguson, people probably made the right decision to report despite consequences and fear. Yet thinking about segregation or softer issues makes this statement powerfully true. Professionally speaking, this is the conjecture behind every crisis situation.
  • Voice makes things clearer and louder. Truismatic yet fundamental. Nobody gets your understatements or even your references. Talking demands simplicity and precision.
  • Speak about your truth, not the truth. Even scientists have to argue. Don’t expect anything from your so-called objectivity. It’s all about rhetoric.
  • Don’t let the noise hide the signal. You’ll understand after watching this short sequence. Form has definitely influence over substance.

Question: is everything worth saying? Probably not. This is why form has influence over substance; it gets yout out of the gutter.

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