10 things I didn’t know last week #195

1. Graduated prostitutes earn better money.

2. The Bielefeld Conspiracy: the city of Bielefeld in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia does not actually exist. Thanks Olivier

musee herge femme bd

3. Hergé and women and why he preferred men to run gags.

4. Stella Artois has one of the most ancient logo in the world, dating back to 14th century.

5. Most of Japan’s adoptions are of childless adult males who are adopted to become the heir of a family business.

6. You know yoga, you know dogs. But did you know Doga? Thanks Alexandra

7. Football clubs have more and more regional sponsors, meaning that several brands potentially competitors can endorse them at the same time.

metric system

8. Metrics system vs. Murica.

minute sofinco cosmopolitan

9. Thanks Sofinco.

10. The Vocal fry phenomenon. Thanks Maria and Sarah

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