10 things I didn’t know last week #196

1. One awesome lot of false ideas. Beards don’t grow harder after shaving. Einstein wasn’t a bad student. Ostriches don’t put their head in the sand, cracking up your fingers won’t give you arthrosis, chameleons don’t camouflage,  Coke didn’t invent the red Santa Claus… Thanks Maud

2. The roquette salad is supposed to be aphrodisiac.

3. The Snickers candy bar was named after the favourite horse of the Mars family.

4. Matthew McConaughey renaissance is labelled McConnaissance.

5. ID Magazine is owned by Vice.

6. All these African dances.

7. The Straw Hat Riot in 1922 in NYC: people wearing straw hats past the unofficial date that was deemed socially acceptable, September 15.

8. Vladimir Putin appears in a martial arts video called Let’s Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin.

9. Another massive bunch of clichés: drinking alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells, you can’t see the Great Wall of China from space and you do not use only 10% of your brain (you use 100%)…

10. Diogenes was son of a banker.

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