Aura of fame now elvoves toward tech too

somebody miranda july miu miu

During the past few weeks, a weirdly high amount of tech news was trusted by celebrities:

  • Tom Hanks launched an iPad typewriter app: Hanx Writer
  • Kim Kardashian released a now famous mobile game: Kim Kardashian Hollywood
  • Jessica Alba just raised 70 million before IPOing Honest, her eco-friendly baby products brand
  • Miranda July launched last week Somebody, a messaging app, sponsored by Miu Miu (see below)

Compared to these fancy innovations, big names endorsing cars or even creating their own perfume are out of date (and less and less efficient).

Yet, this is basically more or less the same process playing here: these products are success partly because of mojo and fame.

What if your next mobile app was sponsored by a singer?

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