The most awesome website ever is one of the lamest

amazon recommandetion

Amazon built a solid reputation thanks to mastering the art of supply chain. This is their key factor of success.

Among many other tricks, Amazon has also been acclaimed for its recommandation algorithm. People who bought this also bought that. One of the best upselling hack ever.

IMDb has been purchased by Amazon in 1998. 16 years ago.

Some might have said that Amazon would share recipes to boost IMDB suggestions abilities. As a long time user, I assume this is not the case.

As of today, I rated 1185 movies.

And the suggestion algorithm still sucks.

Mostly based on genres and ratings. Not a single ounce of serendipity or risk. Nothing. I saw Jaws, they offers me Sharknado. You see 21 Jump Street, they recommand you 22 Jump Street.

No happy accident, no reward, no social function.

I’m dissapointed.

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