4 réflexions sur “Is Bit Torrent the futuristic advertising platform we had in front of us?

  1. Muhaha, Bram Cohen is really a genius.

    More seriously, of course those guys claim is not absolute perfect.

    They never make it clear if they talk about users of Bittorent, the protocol, or users of Bittorent, the proprietary client developed by Bittorrent the company.

    Of course, slide 10, the 170MM is users of the protocol and not the client (even if they put this registered icon)

    Nevertheless, the service suggested by Bittorrent the company is really useful for large files, even if they capitalise on an audience that use their client to download pirated material.

    And this is why, making the record company to pay for advertising on a client used by people to pirate their own content, makes Bram Cohen a genius.

    However talking about community is just total bullshit: technology has never created a community, it the use of the technology that creates community


      1. There is a difference between using a protocol and using a service.

        Services are build on top of protocol(s)/format and you attribute values to the service. Not to the protocol.

        I mean when you’re buying an MP3 on itunes, you’re not attributing value to the FTP technology or the MP3 format, you’re attributing value to iTunes no?


        1. No you’re right but I’m not sure people make the difference between the service and the protocol. Plus Bittorrent is a brand compared to eMule for instance.


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