Four golden rules to manage your product launching, by Nielsen


As you probably know, 75% of product launching fails within a year. That’s a pity.

Here is the Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Report (available here for free). It gives you a few good advices to thrive:

  1. Walking in the shoes of the consumer to unlock insights. It may sound obvious. It’s not. Ask your planner what was the last time he spend an afternoon at the mall or watch tv.
  2. Have the right organisational framework and processes in place. Sorry mate, chaos isn’t cool. It doesn’t foster anything. Creativity is a matter of constraints.
  3. The activation strategy. It’s not even about ideas (everybody got some), it’s about making ideas happen. Orchestration, integration, consistency. In a nutshell: Comms planning.
  4. The organisation has to be together behind the project, from top to bottom. No kidding.

What do you think? Does it ring a bell?

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