What Instagram taugh us about aesthetics consideration

Criticism has finally been vanished during the past few months, but these pieces of news were mandatory just 2 or 3 years ago.

Instagrams is killing photography

Photo filters are fake art

Is instagram ruining photography?

Neo vintage is the opposite of authenticity

bla bla bla shit shit …

As usual, the diligence effect wasn’t sweet to innovation. It stopped us for embracing new grammars and kept us in the past, as suggests Regis Debray.

Today, it’s almost impossible not to figure that photo filters deeply inspired photographs, from every region or every sort in the world.

Take these examples, extracted from my Feedly during the past weeks:

portraits 03-Colour new erotics

Cary_Fagan_Photography_01 Marianna_Jamadi_01 Mariell_Amelie_Photography_04 normengadiel14793017044 oasis desert

Next time you consider a new medium, think twice before shooting dumb things.

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