Will The Economist manage to monetize engagement?

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Internet is definitely becoming an old media. As The Economist announced to switch its advertising rates from impression to time spent, internet just joined the club where television, radio and cinema sit.

Is it because news producers come from the pre-digital world? Maybe. But the fact is pure-players stole impressions from newspapers by developing attention whoring techniques such as click baiting or farming massive amount of content.

“We are not a content farm”. Paul Rossi, president of the Economist’s group media businesses

Another clue that creativity is fueled by risks and constraints.

Historically, newspaper advertising rates took into consideration the share of subscribers among their distribution (The Economist is one the best in class worldwide). Volatile readership weren’t as premium as loyal ones.

Here’s another tribute paid to good content as well as a trick to boost native formats and special operations (way more lucrative than banners). AS the WSG pointed:

Some experts argue that if there was more focus on the time readers spend with stories and ads, publishers would invest in more compelling content and maybe rely less on lighter content that is designed to get people to click through or share.

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