Data privacy is unearthing advertising tricks, to the great benefit of consumers

Everything has already been said about whether or not banners are still an effective medium.

Though what should be taken out of this report is the natural transparency whose newspapers such as The Economist talk about advertising tricks.

Not only do people notice – most of the time with bad surprises – brand tactics but marketing is becoming more and more familiar knowledge.

This example is also stunning, marketing consultant as a pop culture reference.

Beyond every debate regarding advertising efficiency – the tiniest amount of ROI will always trump the non-existent cost of serving impressions – here is another brick in the ever-growing mature consumer wall.

Consumers will probably teach us lessons one day.

Wait they already do.

With new expressions, hacks, demands, innovations.

What’s the point to work anymore? Curate their ideas? Push boring ones? Match propositions with fertile grounds?

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