Stop prophetizing the end of the world and start picking up joyful clues you ironic hipster

banane marketing publicité os exagération abus

Sorry to write another raging post (two in a row, that’s never done before) but the occasion was to tempting.

This kind of tweet (among billions) is at best naive, at worst criminal:

Not only I strongly disagree with this kind of statement (there’s bazillions of clues showing our IQ have never been so high, we have never read that much, we have never worked that less, we have never had so much leisure time…) but this is really cheap advertising to sell some « methods » to help us thrive within this hostile environment were idiocy threaten at ever corner.

I won’t fall for this sort of intelligence. Look at the bright side of life and save some money.

Qu'en penses-tu?

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