10 things I didn’t know last week #201

1. Babies cry at night ‘to stop parents trying for another’: newborns are programmed to monopolise their mother’s attention making them too tired for a romantic night.

2. The worldwide presence of nuclear particles from atmospheric testing beginning in the 1950s led to the 2008 development of a reliable way to detect art forgeries. Paintings created after that period may contain traces of caesium-137 and strontium-90, isotopes that did not exist in nature before 1945.

3. One Ikea shop in Holland has decided to cancel their 1 euro breakfast to aid in the battle against dangerous traffic back-ups on Sundays, due to an overwhelming amount of shoppers.

4. The Python programming language is named after the Monty Python.

facteur pi

5. The Pi Factor. Thanks Olivier

6. 14% of all the humanity ever existing is still alive nowadays.

7. The Cotard delusion is a mental illness, in which the afflicted person holds the delusion that he is dead.

8. Erik The Red deliberately gave Greenland a more appealing name than « Iceland » in order to lure potential settlers. It worked.

9.  To evade Internet censorship in China, people used to refer to the events that took place at Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 as « May 35th« .

10. Simon and Garfunkel’s « The Sound of Silence » was initially on an unsuccessful album that led to the duo breaking up. Later the song’s producer made a remix, that the duo didn’t know about until after it was released, and the song started to climb the charts and led the two to reunite.

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