What if people touring abroad weren’t looking for differences?

A funny video stressing on common points between Paris and NYC.

Every time you go abroad, you realize how globalized our planet is. Same stores, same brands, same foods, same fashion, same same same… Even if the hipsterers will tell you that each city has to be deserved and need to be discovered backstage, most of the time, big cities aren’t exotic destinations.

But what if? What if we were all wrong about tourism?

I used to believe that people were looking for exotics, escapism and astonishment. For my very pleasure, I’m wrong. Again. Some look for difference and some look for common points.

What Hilton or McDonald’s used to offer (be at home everywhere in the world) has a new face but an identical mission. AirBNB is awesome for tons of reason, but flats available desperately feels at home. Some will adore and some will abhor. One sure thing, most of the time you won’t loose yourself.

I guess tourism aspirations are very individual aspirations oscillating between @home everywhere and please not @home

2 réflexions sur « What if people touring abroad weren’t looking for differences? »

  1. I read somewhere that people often go « at least once » to Starbucks/MacDonald’s when abroad because the familiarity of the place and of the offer (standardization of taste) reassures them in an unfamiliar place.
    Kind of related to the reason why people buy stuff at the airport : because the neutral environment and unstable situation (between two countries, two jobs, an old and a new life…) is stressful so they need an outlet, a release 🙂


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