Adobe’s The Creative Dividend survey is a fraud which made me lost 15 minutes

A few days ago, Adobe caught my attention by releasing a survey entitled:  The Creative Dividend, How Creativity Impacts Business Results.

Eager to know more about this everlasting hypothesis we adore we ad agencies, I gave half my life away in various datas to download the document.

Yet, deception was massive when reading the methodology, where creativity is quantified following respondents assuming to belong to creative companies.

Conclusions are then cross-tabulated.

« What creativity is » within this survey is this:

creative dividend adobe

creative dividend adobe activity creative dividend adobe share

So when the scene is set, all the questions such as below making the difference between creative and uncreative companies are based on opinions of creative software decision-makers.

creative dividend adobe difference

With all due respect to them, I don’t see how they’re entitled to carry the voice of companies. In fact I don’t even see how we should pay attention to their opinion since they must belong to compliance departments, aka creativity enemies.

Correct me if I’m wrong but this kind of « survey » is a perfect embodiment of the figure aversion most people have. It’s like bad advertising, charted.

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