A sad but realisitic perspective of agencies business model

Big-data teenage sex dan ariely

Don’t have peculiar clue but everyone involved in this data mayhem will get my point.

When dealing with tech in adland, there’s a massive gap between speech and reality.

Most of the time, what tech-enthusiasts are promoting is one big vision based on very few clues. Take the Internet of Things, take the autonomous car, take the big data, take DMPs. Take basically every current buzzword. Very few people use it, very few should use it. As Dan Ariely putted it, big data is like teenage sex. As for most of new tech.

As the old proverb says, during the gold rush, only shovel sellers got rich.

Lots of agencies are losing credibility because of this naive enthusiasm.

I take unnecessary time, its costs a fortune, it distracts advertisers from their core business and only delivers deception.

Rather than being good at their core expertise, agencies compromise themselves, then try to convince advertisers and them should be « business partner » to tap new growth territories… 9

9% of mad men don’t know how to read a balance sheet. Media agencies are good at buying and creative agencies are good at creating messages. Period. How many mad men are board members around the world? 10? 20?

The first step toward integrity is about realism. Not daydreaming.

Not matter how many genius suffered the 99/1% paradigm. Most of advertisers don’t have time or energy for that.

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