Stupid Hackaton wittily criticizes WTF business ideas

Stupid Hackaton

What’s greatest clue of criticism than absurdity?

This is the idea behind the Stupid Hackaton where design students came up with a few ideas defying common sense.

For those who read this blog for a long time, you know much I heart the poetry of uselessness.

Besides, it’s a great way to spot attention on proper design thinking. Technology is a mean, not an end. If it ain’t solve no shit, then don’t do it.

But what if they’d do it instead?

I hope this isn’t all about bitterness and unsuspected business successes.

Great initiative though.

Holdr by Sam Tarakajian is an iPhone app that tells you if you are currently holding your phone.

Rearview Mirror by Matt Romein and Sam Sadtler is a virtual reality application that shows you what’s behind you.

The Emoji Subtitle Creator by Ross Goodwin and Seth Kranzler automatically translates normal subtitles into ascii symbols.

And so on…

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