Neutrality of thinking in the age of opinions

Don't ask the fisher monger what you'll have for dinner
Don’t ask the fisher monger what you’ll have for dinner

Quick thought, following the yesterday point regarding problem solving.

If you consider the consumer and his journey as the backbone of your thinking, then you’ll probably stumble upon your currently siloed organization, traditionally set up around expertise (advertising, digital, CRM…) rather than journey fragments – such as trigger tasks, consideration tasks, transformation tasks, loyalty/advocacy tasks – or consumers.

Solving problem along a journey require a neutral thinking.

You can’t solve everything with advertising, digitals services or slick designed packaging.

Even if most of the agencies are able to deliver solution at every stage – think about digital agencies – you’ll fail at one point: from a creative or business POV. Because digital peeps won’t back this television idea (WTF dude who watch telly????). Because advertising peeps don’t get the digital business.

At one point or another, we’ll either have to:

  1. Collaborate and be able to thing together around agnostic and relevant solutions
  2. Adopt a rigid yet radical process to force the collaboration

Neutrality has never been so shiny and usefull.

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