Of course some brands can generate conversations, but what about the 99% other?

conversation musée dialogue exposition bulle phylactere

A couple of years ago, the Cluetrain Manifesto predicted that market would become conversations in the near future.

A tons of marketers dug it. A tons of agencies set up. Some entrepreneurs had ideas.

That would be irresponsible to unconsider the impact these simple ideas propagated. But that would also be irresponsible to buy them in a single block.

I firmly believe that not all brands could foster conversations and not all brands can thrive by inbounding.

First because we don’t wanna talk with every kind of brand. Same for the kind of people. Ok to share a cup of coffee with a Tinder date or an auntie but what about your doctor? Your banker? Your tax collector? Fuck no. Yet, this people are still there. And so are the brands they represent.

Most of the times, innovation enthusiasts hope that novelty will substitute existing technology. It’s just plainly wrong.

Video did not kill the radio star, as for Internet which didn’t kill the television.

Conversation marketing won’t kill interruption marketing. Because all brands are not conversationnal, because even if it was the case we couln’t find the time to have these chats. In fact there’s not much brands with whom we could share a real conversation. Maybe a bank, a couple of times in a lifetime, probably a car or a make-up. But 99% of the other brand we use are not meant to engage: your garbage bags, your gas cooker, your stapler. Also because considering that people are willing to talk to brands can be irresponsible.

Stop opposing online and offline channels. They’re here to live together. Start romancing and stop divorcing.

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