The web is basically now behaving like a huge TV


Yesterday we talked about the inability of brands to have conversation with their customers. As one reader noticed it, perhaps 100% of brands could boast talks after all, but only towards a very little amount of people.

And so I red again the Cluetrain Manifesto.

This is still a monument of digital mythology. Most of ideas are still up to date. 15 years after its releasing, you realize the influence it had. Basically the whole Internet 2.0 seems to be born out of it.

Yet, as for every prediction, some are horribly wrong:

16. Already, companies that speak in the language of the pitch, the dog-and-pony show, are no longer speaking to anyone.

17. Companies that assume online markets are the same markets that used to watch their ads on television are kidding themselves.

18. Companies that don’t realize their markets are now networked person-to-person, getting smarter as a result and deeply joined in conversation are missing their best opportunity.

What a perfect illustration of the inner libertarian mythology understating the digital world. I hope they don’t feel disappointed. Even if a few start-ups slightly disrupted industries (take Napster, AirBNB or Uber), corporate ideas are still here.

Take for instance the myth of virality, which helped thousands of advertising agencies to jump into the digital wagon. For a couple of years now, not a single eyeball isn’t paid by advertisers (sometimes they even pay for humanoid impressions).

I wish Cluetrain predictions could have switch the corporate order yet as a sign of faith, the digital market became so cluttered by conversations that it’s now used as a huge TV.

Because video banners generate a better revenue (despite a lot of fraud as well). Because targeting is too expensive. Because time spent now trumps impressions as the ultimate KPI, because the best producers of content comes from telly or Hollywood.

And we are again. Long live the media planning.

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