Back. In French.

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Hi everybody.

Those reading these blog for more than a year knew that it was written in French.

Last year, I switched in English. To gauge my ability to lure an international audience. To improve my English. To change a bit.

All and all, it was a good experience, since – I hope – both my english and my passion increased. The sole item which decreased was my audience. NLQ has basically been loosing half its readership in a year.

In absolute terms, it does’nt mean much. I’m not earning any revenue from Notre Lien Quotidien. But from an « editor » (notice the massive quotation marks) point of view, you have to challenge yourself.

Even if I was to become the new Kevin Kelly, I have to switch back in France. Because both in the predigital and digital ears, eyeballs rule. You sent me a message. I got it.

Salut la jeunesse, message reçu 5/5, recommençons à bitcher dans la langue de Molière. A demain.


2 réflexions sur « Back. In French. »

  1. I would have expected one of your hard core French reader to thank you..#toobusy?

    That said, as long as you don’t switch to Finish or Hokkien I will gladly read you every day or almost. And as said before, merci!

    While we’re here…#jesuischarlie et ça fait chier, et chialer.




    1. Merci Brice, oui le contexte est semi-fun en ce début d’année. NLQ ne manquera pas une occasion de faire valoir notre précieux droit à la liberté d’expression, avec ou sans talent.

      Quelques lecteurs ont réagi sur Facebook mais je ne suis pas très très suivi, l’hystérie a donc été modeste…

      Quoi qu’il en soit merci pour votre mot


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