Objectiver la qualité d’une présentation orale

Ca faisait longtemps que je n’étais pas tombé sur un article de HBR.

Celui dédié aux 10 astuces de management de l’année m’a donné envie de le parcourir.

J’ai trouvé le paragraphe dédié aux présentations orales simple et efficace :

When you need to sell an idea at work or in a presentation, how do you do it? Five rhetorical devices can help — Aristotle identified them 2,000 years ago, and masters of persuasion still use them today:

Ethos. Start your talk by establishing your credibility and character. Show your audience that you are committed to the welfare of others, and you will gain their trust.
Logos. Use data, evidence, and facts to support your pitch.
Pathos. People are moved to action by how a speaker makes them feel. Wrap your big idea in a story that will elicit an emotional reaction.
Metaphor. Compare your idea to something that is familiar to your audience. It will help you clarify your argument by making the abstract concrete.
Brevity. Explain your idea in as few words as possible. People have a limited attention span, so talk about your strongest points first.

Si vous n’avez qu’une liste à garder en tête pour évaluer la qualité d’une prestation orale, c’est clairement celle-ci.

Qu'en penses-tu?

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