10 things I didn’t know last week #202

1. April 11, 1954 was the most boring day of the 20th century.

2. Graham crackers and Kellogg’s corn flakes were invented to stop people from masturbating. Their inventors both believed that eating bland foods would suppress sexual desires and unhealthy urges.

3. In 18th century London, the admission fare to zoos was 3 half-pence but if you were short on cash you could bring a cat or dog as payment.

4. A Google Executive recently Skydived 136K Feet, Smashing the 2012 Baumgartner Record. Thanks Tom-Tom (and a very happy happy marriage).

5. The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses used by 19th-century slaves of African descent in the USA to escape to free states with the aid of abolitionists.

6. How-To Open a Wine Bottle with a Shoe.

7. Train Simulatoring. Crazy. Thanks Alex

8. It’s thought that blue light “has a calming effect on agitated people, or people obsessed with one particular thing, which in this case is committing suicide“. Thanks Olivier

9. Cheese is the #1 most shoplifted food in the world.

10. The “SEGA” chant at the beginning of Sonic the Hedgehog took up 1/8th of the memory on the cartridge.