10 things I didn’t know last week #205

1. The history behind the historical French Connection car chase.

2. Finance and the jelly bean problem: most of those financial strategies that claim to beat the market don’t.

3. People used to be terrified of tomatoes. In the 1700s, eating tomatoes caused many deaths, but it was actually the high lead content in their pewter plates that killed them. The tomatoes just soaked up more of it because of their acidity.

4. The Tjipetir mystery: rubber-like blocks washing up on beaches.

5. Smartphones are causing domestic accidents to rise (because of the lack of attention from parent towards kids).

6. Five years ago, people averaged about 21 passwords. Now that number is 81.

pet rock dahl

7. One of the most popular Christmas toys in 1975 was a rock in a box. Pet Rock earned $2 million.

8. Night vision goggles are green because the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color.

9. French singer Alister is Schnok’s editor in chief.

10. Why Europeans Don’t Refrigerate Eggs But Americans Do.

As for creativity in general, prohibition stimulates innovation among booze brands

test rond creativité

It may sounds a bit obvious but it’s definitely crazy how creativity is a matter of constraints. Take the booze brands for instance. Now look at all these new, beautiful, compelling formats…

This is 2014 Jameson First Shot (what a name!) winner. An international contest for young directors. Starring Uma Thurman.

Jack Daniels just produced a documentary on bands and their approach to making what they love.

A musical with Jude Law for Johnnie Walker.

A pioneering format: the story of Johnnie Walker told by Robert Carlyle (the legend says that he did it in one single shot – see the metaphor?).

It’s probably not a surprise if alcohol brands top engagement worldwide.

When you’re not allowed to express yourself is traditional format, you have to find new paths. Then innovate. Then kick ass.

I’m sure there’re thousands more.

Thanks god for the Internet, it gave a few global brands the opportunity to consider the world as a potential audience. Here is one good point for the inbound marketing.

10 choses que je ne savais pas la semaine dernière #133

1. Le Tabasco vieillit dans les fûts de chêne précédemment utilisés par Jack Daniel’s.

2. Les Tennessee Squires était le club des membres de fans de Jack Daniel’s utilisée comme idée marketing. Il comptait parmi ses rangs Franck Sinatra.

3. [Avec tous les doutes que cela implique] BMW aurait rappelé ses modèles en 2010 car leurs propriétaires refusaient d’être guidés pas un GPS doté d’une voix féminine.

4. La chrématistique est une discipline économique qui fait la différence entre l’économie étymologique (l’entretien du foyer) et l’économie spéculative.

5. L’anarchisme chrétien.


6. Le warchalking est au wi-fi ce que les hobo signs sont aux hobos. Merci Benjamin


7. Au Moyen-Age, il y avait des procès d’animaux.

8. En 1939, Adolf Hitler était nominé pour le prix Nobel de la paix.

9. Christine Boutin est mariée à son cousin germain. Merci Arthur

10. La marque Bénédicta remonte à une époque où tout ce qui était chrétien était cool.

PS : l’étymologie de mayonnaise est floue.