As for creativity in general, prohibition stimulates innovation among booze brands

test rond creativité

It may sounds a bit obvious but it’s definitely crazy how creativity is a matter of constraints. Take the booze brands for instance. Now look at all these new, beautiful, compelling formats…

This is 2014 Jameson First Shot (what a name!) winner. An international contest for young directors. Starring Uma Thurman.

Jack Daniels just produced a documentary on bands and their approach to making what they love.

A musical with Jude Law for Johnnie Walker.

A pioneering format: the story of Johnnie Walker told by Robert Carlyle (the legend says that he did it in one single shot – see the metaphor?).

It’s probably not a surprise if alcohol brands top engagement worldwide.

When you’re not allowed to express yourself is traditional format, you have to find new paths. Then innovate. Then kick ass.

I’m sure there’re thousands more.

Thanks god for the Internet, it gave a few global brands the opportunity to consider the world as a potential audience. Here is one good point for the inbound marketing.