Is fascism the new black? Freedom is the area where hard and human sciences collapse


uber neighborhoods

From the very beginning, modern work organization has been putting science and data at the heart of processes. In fact, the automotive industry has even been the cradle for numerous – if not every – modern economic theories such as Keynes or Veblen.

It’s somewhat logical to see new avatar of scientific organization of work popping up among mobility actors such as Uber or logisticians as UPS or Fedex.

For those who aren’t familiar with the culture of logistics, it’s all about optimizing processes. Employees are then tracked down every step. In order to deliver on time, relieve clients, monitor employee performances, even make art works. For instance, data monitoring made UPS engineers design journeys without left turns to save fuel or help Uber predict geographic demand with patterns:


Same old situation for this recent piece of news where the international leading dry cleaner chain 5asec proudly announced that from now on, it will track consumer satisfaction thru each order.

I can’t understand why employees of the firm don’t put strike.

This is the end of freedom from them, as it is for a growing number of people. Imagine how executives would react to this “improvement” if applied to their job perimeter

Sorry to be boring but a lot of brands brags about monitoring their employees and customers in real time without ticking about the impression these statements give. Yes, data will change the world and make a better place. But boundaries wouldn’t hurt anybody.

It’s no cool to be a bully. Do we need data spin doctors within comms firms?