Le pitching deck de Uber est un contre-exemple de présentation publicitaire

Uber est une boite abjecte, comme d’innombrables startups, comme d’innombrables entreprises (on leur souhaite toutefois bonne chance suite à l’embauche d’un nouveau boss qui a l’air à peu prés normal).

D’un point de vue strictement marketing, on ne peut cependant leur retirer une assez grosse dose de génie, de vision, de capacité d’innovation à une vitesse incroyable. Voici leur pitching deck de 2008 :

Toutes les idées devraient être présentées de manière aussi simple et complète, tout est là. Pas de bullshit, pas de moonshot vision, pas de grandiloquence, pas de présentation réalisée par un DA. Juste des faits, une explication simple, un concept qui a l’air d’être bien parti pour fonctionner.

De quoi relativiser la manière de vendre une idée. Parfois la meilleure vente c’est la vente la plus pragmatique, pas la plus spectaculaire.

Empty Pocket #1: week 7

Pocket app bookmarking

Here is a kinda new weekly column. Actually not really new since I fueled more or less the same within the former Naked blog (Olivier will remember our library quizz). Consider it a reboot, powered by Pocket – a must-have mobile app allowing you to upload articles on your mobile devices to read them without internet access – and a fistfull of tweets.

For all tech sceptics. You might ressemble to this guy one day. Sid Caesar: How the Remote Control Ruined Everything.

Martin Weigel on how to build brands at the digital age. Lots of greats questions asked, especially regarding what digital changed or not (cf. point of parity) as a key to stay calm or freak out. Brand building in a digital age: Old thinking for new times.

Kind of forging story of the Silicon Valley: one big company in trouble, one CEO over trouble water, one twenty something genius, one trip in Australia, one game changing idea. You Can Explain eBay’s $50 Billion Turnaround With Just This One Crazy Story.

A refreshing report of one the most desired beer in the world: Pliny the Younger. Overflow crowd of beer lovers awaits Pliny the Younger.

If you thought that everything had been told about Amazon, you better take a glance at this long read right now. Cheap words.

Are brands that challenged nowadays? This guy thinks so. Twilight of the brands. Followed by a good counterpoint from Edward Boches : Twilight of the brand? Don’t bet on it.

Great complement of the article above. As brand environment changed, there’s never been a better time to work in advertising.

Have you ever considered brand loyalty more complex than it appears? You’re on the right track. Flirting With Other Brands Makes You More Devoted To Your Favorite Companies.

See you next Friday.