10 things I didn’t know last week #182

1. Lads loving trains inspired Dany Boyle’s Trainspotting as metaphor ot pointlessness in life. Thanks Simon

2.  The Gordon dynamics: because fishermen were “incurably optimistic” about their abilities to bring in a big catch, there were always too many fishermen working in the ocean, which, in turn, made it harder for them to earn a living.

3. Russian security agency recently bought typewriters to avoid surveillance.

4. Aerosmith Made More Money On Guitar Hero Than Any Albums.

5.  In 1976, the red M&M’s disappeared.

6. Awesome design tricks to upsell Starbucks customers.

7. One transatlantic flight emits more CO2 than an entire Formula 1 racing season .

8. in 1922 when scientist Niels Bohr won the Nobel Prize he was given a house by Carlsberg brewery. The house had a direct pipeline to the brewery so that Bohr had free beer on tap whenever he wanted. Bohr would have discovered several things being drunk.

smirnoff woody allen

9. Woody Allen for Smirnoff.

10. Internet was invented to fill timesheets.