Empty Pocket #8 : week 15

apps_dominate_mobile world

People are spending more time on mobile vs desktop. The decline of the mobile web

ackaging’s role is apparent in the purchasing process – Trial, Repeat or Switch – in which consumers trial a new product and depending on the experience, subsequently repeat that purchase, or switch to another brand to test a different product. 89% of consumers want more from packaging

A college course on Mad Men taught to be smarter TV watchers. Don Draper 101

Entertainment, entertainment everywhere. ‘Even in the world of academia, most people aren’t motivated by the truth. What they want, above all, is not to be bored’. This column will change your life: interestingness v truth

France keep playing the farniente card abroad. Good for tourism. Mon Dieu! No More Work Email At Home For Some French Workers

Hey hey Mad Men final is starting sunday. Here are a few gems from the 60’s curated by Adage. See Our Favorite (Real) Ads From the Final Season of ‘Mad Men’

As usual when it comes to Millward-Brown, an epic multi screen survey: