10 things I didn’t know last week #187

1.  Money is the second most responsible cause for fighting between friends.

2. Disruptive full-screen mobile ads generate 10 times as many complaints as semi-disruptive ads (half-screen), but achieve a similar CTR.

3. Launched in 2002, Shazam used to be known as as “2580”, a phone number that customers dialled from their mobile phone to get music recognised.

4. Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, where they are unlikely to be causally related. Thanks Maud


5. Following Wikipedia mentions, Carl Linnaeus is the most famous dude on Wikipedia. Stepping ahead Jesus, Aristotle, Hitler or even Napoleon.

6. Brazilians soccer players invented the dribble because back in the 19th century, as slaves, they played against theirs masters and weren’t allowed to touch them.  Thanks Sebastien

7. The best-selling brand of liquor in the world is a Korean soju called Jinro.

8. Why Some Civil War Soldiers Glowed in the Dark.

9. In an early script of Back to the Future, the time machine was designed as a refrigerator. Producers were “concerned that kids would accidentally lock themselves in refrigerators“.

10. Black and white football ball was meant to be easier to see on B&W screen. Thanks Olivier

Even if he makes you feel miserable, Elon Musk rocks

Make-things-happen idee realisation fabrication

This is Elon Musk.

The mind behind Telsa, SpaceX, SolarCity or Paypal.

Besides holding the imperative obligation to know him living those days, he has some interesting thoughts about problem solving, some you would’nt even imagine.

Fresh thoughts.

The internet we don’t know yet

Fatima Al Qadiri is selling cater thru Instagram
Fatima Al Qadiri is selling cater thru Instagram

Yesterday, French fashion brand Comptoir des Cotonniers proudly announced a tactic to roll out 9000 new French showrooms in a single night, thru interactive billboards.

Even if most of us are sceptical, these initiatives should be at least considered for their ability to push out walls.

But, wait for it, compared to this, we’re far far far away.

This awesome deck from Yiibu showcases in 100 slides how cold feet we are regarding innovation, mobility, business and innovation.

In fact, it’s absolutely delightful to feel fresh air coming from the Far East. This is jugaad, design thinking, unpredictable and absolutely inspiring.

10 choses que je ne savais pas la semaine dernière #164

1. Les tournages de film vus autrement.

2. Jeff Bezos voulait originellement nommer Amazon Cadabra. 

3. Toutes les façades de magasins GAP mis bout à bout = 16 kilomètres.

4. HBO = Home Box Office.

5. Le Viagra a été découvert par accident en cherchant un remède contre les angines.

6. La mode des bitstrips.

bitstrips facebook app friends

7. The user is drunk : une méthode de debugging :

8. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response : la méthode à la mode pour avoir des orgasmes cérébraux.

9. Les marques qui ont déjà utilisé du neuromarketing (source : CB News novembre 2013) :

marques neuromarketing cb news

10. Comment éplucher de l’ail en 10 secondes.

10 choses que je ne savais pas la semaine dernière #162

1. Le Velo-Dog, le petit flingue des facteurs.

2. Le permis de conduire à points en France ne date que de 1992.

3. Les breaks BMW ont été inventés dans un garage par un employé bricoleur :

4. Les noms des Kit-Kat et des Snickers ont des origines étranges.

5. Les stations de métro à New-York possèdent d’étonnantes bandes striées en noir et blanc…

6. Apple possède 600M de cartes de paiement en base (si quelqu’un a les chiffres de Visa ou Mastercard je suis preneur).


7. Que signifient les deux zéros avant le matricule de James Bond? Soit le droit de tuer, soit un passé tueur

8. Pourquoi une bande-annonce s’appelle trailer dans les pays anglo-saxons? Au départ, elles étaient diffusées après les films…

9. L’homme qui a breveté le super soaker est un ingénieur de la NASA, désormais riche. Merci Olivier

10. Fournis par Armor Lux, les bonnets rouges sont fabriqués en Ecosse.